Wednesday, 9 May 2012

USA Gypsy Wedding

Well I watched USA gypsy weddings and on one level rather enjoyed it, I have to admit that I love big frocks and big nails so on that level all good fun. I wasn't suprised that the format is the same - here is a bride, here is the popular dress maker and of course the cake lady.

The families featured looked like nice people but we know nothing more about them than the fact that a daughter's chastity is of utmost importance and that a son should be jack the lad. Well this is nothing new and is an attitude that is found in many societies but I think that when a young man states that a particular woman either based on her creed or culture is either one to mess around with or one to marry he brings shame on himself and his family. His attitude demonstrates pride, egotism and a belief of superiority over people of other cultures, in this case over gorja women.

In my family we are brought up to treat others with kindness and respect - that way we can expect to be treated likewise. Our boys are not brought up to mistreat another man's daughter whether she is of our own background or a gorja.

What people do in their privacy is their own business. If one finds the behaviour of some sections of gorja society immoral or questionable and then proceeds to join in with them then again that is their business. But is that not the point that they should keep their trap shut and reserve judgement over who makes a good or bad wife or a decent human being?

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