Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Gypsies: Wanders of the World

I am part way through reading a great book called Gypsies: Wanderers of the World.  It was published by the National Geographic Society in 1970, written by Bart McDowell with loads of lovely photographs by Bruce Dale.

English Romany Clifford Lee wrote the foreword to the book and he and his wife accompanied the author across Europe and Asia to India on the route the gypsies took when they left their homeland a thousand years ago.  On their journey they met gypsies in a variety of situations and places, Clifford writes;

"Along the way I met with my people, the Gypsies, met them in poverty and in prosperity, and found what I'd long suspected: that the world over, we are fundamentally the same.  Wherever we met we had in common our Romany - our ancient language.  Sometimes it would only be an odd word, sometimes many words.  But to me the most important discovery was the affinity I felt with the other Rom."

This book is full of fascinating stories and insights to the lives of romanies and the places they live with amazing photographs.  I got my copy for a few pounds from ebay and would throughly recomend reading it.

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