Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Vile Racist Comments on News Website

Please check out the comments left by members of the public in response to a news article about potential gypsy and traveller sites in Barnsley.  I find these unacceptable and I would ask everyone to email We Are Barnsley with your objections  to their displaying racist comments such as these on their website.

For example:

They drag areas down, because they just live in squalid conditions without a care for anyone, therefore most people do not want it near them, and rightly so!

 If gypsies are human then let them behave like humans, don't go round taking out of peoples gardens and leaving the place like a war zone

My big fat gypsy wedding shows the better bunch and would welcome some into our community but the ones that do come are vile creatures and and no respect from land

They refuse to pay council tax and only conform to benefit handouts. please do not play the race card.

Carlton gets my vote, Ardsley/Darfield is far too close for my comfort to have all those police chases ending at the gypsy camp. Their disregard for life has been shown on TV by police stop and the likes and so they are always better farthest away from me ...I VOTE CARLTON
Click on the link below to see these comments and please email them with your objections.
We Are Barnsley

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