Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Everyone Should Have One

I have always wanted a beautiful vardo.  When I am enjoying a national lottery winning dream, a traditional wagon is one of my first purchases perhaps along with a nice vanner to pull it.  I can imagine that in the nicer weather it would make a lovely break to take to the road in an old fashioned horse drawn wagon and cook outdoors on an open fire. 
I have to admit that if it was raining I wouldn't bother and even if I never actually travelled it would be great just to have a vardo in the garden.  The kids would love playing in it, it would look pretty and that really is good enough reason to get one!  Sadly however my lottery winnings are but a dream and gypsy wagons have tended to be rather expensive so despite constantly checking ebay and vintage magazines I still do not have one.  It is true that sometimes one turns up on ebay for a few grand and for a moment I get excited until I notice that it is not very authentic and has a tow bar on the front to attatch to a car.  I suppose this must be convenient but I can't see the point, if I was taking the car I would have a touring caravan.  A vardo needs shafts in which to pop a horse even if it is only an ornament!  And on my budget I certainly can't afford ornaments costing fifteen or twenty grand.

However I came across the website of Ingham and Fallon, a family who come from generations of wagon builders and dealers.  Originally from Sligo they family moved to the north of England and settled there living in horse drawn wagons.  Wagon building skills have been inherited from Charles Ingham known as ‘Uncle Charlie’. He died in 1956, but his legacy of wagon building still lives on in his family and his great, great, grandchildren.
Ingham and Fallon are the only company who comercially restore and also build new vardos and with prices starting from £4,000-5,000 for a used wagon or from £6/7,000 for a new wagon they seem to be a bit more affordable.

The doors and windows new builds look really tempting and are built according to older traditions and inspired by nineteenth century bow top wagons.  The wagons are hand crafted and painted to show condition and fitted with steel artillery wheels or wooden wheels if the customer prefers.  They are supplied with shafts and optional wood burning stoves so that they not only look great but are functional as well.
Ingham and Fallon also provide restoration services and are able to supply wagon accesories such as stoves and other traditional craft items . 

Check out their website by following this link:  Ingham and Fallon

Perhaps I will get my vardo in the end! I don't think the price needs justifying, after all, plenty of folk spend way more than that on a summer house or a hot tub!  Just need to save up and treat myself.

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  1. Beautiful dreamer! Great minds - and souls! -think alike! Never stop chasing your dream! Thank you for this post! It inspires me... :)