Trailers & Wagons

I have had a life long fascination with basically any kind of mobile living space, be it an old fashioned horse drawn wagon, a brand new chalet or even an old static like the one I live in!  I know many people love looking at other people's trailers and this is the page to feast your eyes on mobile palaces old and new.
                                                      photo from Gary Millar

If you are wanting a mobile home that is not too easily moved then maybe check out the custom built mobile homes from Mini Homes.

The overall style and floor plan are designed, with our architects, to your requirements. You also choose windows, doors, carpentry and external finishes. Importantly, our buildings are made to the same quality as any new-build conventional house and are in-effect no different from living in a modern bungalow. NO nasty rendering, mock stonework or flimsy dry-lining, our interiors are plaster-boarded like conventional homes, giving the clean, solid interior and high insulation values that most park-homes lack.
Roma Caravans

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